Resolve issues proactively, before they impact the business

Correctly recognize the symptoms to deal with the root cause of any diagnostic challenge.

Analysis Features

Spotlight Homepage

Spotlight Homepage

The Spotlight Home Page highlights obvious bottlenecks and problem areas. Color coding makes it easy to see which issues need your attention first. Related server statistics are grouped together on panels that are connected by a series of graphical flows and icons. Spotlight updates these flows in real time so you can see how quickly data is moving through the system.

From this view you can drill down on a particular control to see detailed diagnostics and trace the problem to its source.

SQL Server Architecture

Upload performance data to Spotlight and you’ll have access to a cloud-based set of Spotlight productivity tools to gain insight into the health of your SQL Server environment.

Workload Analysis

Drilldown on the workload of any SQL Server instance. Determine what work the database system is producing in a given time and the resources that are consumed in producing this work.

Wait Events

The Wait Events drilldown assesses sampled workload waits, that is waits that occur as a result of executing SQL statements (via an XEvents trace). The design assists in identifying SQL Statements involved with specific waits to the extent that this information is actually available.

Performance Health

An assessment of the data from server level wait statistics (sys.dm_os_wait_stats) is made to determine the overall performance health of your SQL Server.

This assessment results in a high level view of potential bottlenecks.

A SQL server instance is considered healthy if Database time is being spent productively on CPU and IO.

A performance-health rating of 80% or more is considered healthy.

It is considered unhealthy if too much database time is spent waiting for bottlenecks such as locks and latches.

Spotlight Developer

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You can now monitor your server connections for FREE within SQL Server Management Studio using Spotlight Developer.

Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise

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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise delivers simplicity without compromise by providing unmatched monitoring, diagnosis and optimization of your SQL Server environments, ensuring peak performance around the clock.


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Anywhere , Anytime, from any device

Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise users can now monitor remotely via mobile devices at no additional cost! Using your favorite mobile device, you can view a heatmap of your connections, see all of your alarms and snooze or acknowledge them.