Mobile Monitoring

You can now monitor all your SQL Server Connections on your mobile device! Monitoring features include a Heatmap, an Alarms List, Alarm Details and the ability to Snooze, or Acknowledge alarms

SpotlightTM for mobile devices is a feature available at no additional cost to users of SpotlightTM on SQL Server Enterprise.
Try SpotlightTM now and start realtime monitoring on your mobile device.




Get started

To start mobile monitoring first get setup

Connecting to your own set up of Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise is done in four simple steps:


Sign up and register for a unique user token.


If you already have Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise go to STEP 3. If not


Following installation data will be sent from your Diagnostic Server to the SpotlightTM Essentials website and mobile apps.
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Download your favorite mobile app and once installed hit Sign in, add a new account and insert your token. Then start browsing your own server status in realtime on your mobile!

You can download from the following:
Download iPhone and iPad App Download Windows Phone App Download Windows 8 AppDownload Android App


Spotlight Mobile is a feature available free to users of SpotlightTM on SQL Server Enterprise which means that any issues/queries can be handled by the SpotlightTM on SQL Server Enterprise support team at Quest Software Support.

The team (whom you may have talked to before!) will understand if the issues relate to SpotlightTM, the SpotlightTM Web Publisher, Mobile apps, or website and will help you resolve your issue. The link above will take you to the Dell Software site where you'll find contact details for your country.

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