Spotlight® Enterprise

NewVersion 12.0

Includes powerful new features that enhance your ability to monitor your SQL Server Environment.

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New Features

SQL Server deployed on Linux

Spotlight Enterprise now provides partial support for monitoring SQL Server hosted on Linux.

After deploying SQL Server on Linux by accessing the Spotlight Overview page you will be able to get an overall picture of the your instance's health. From there you can drill down to see more in depth diagnostics to pinpoint any performance issues that arise.

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Optimizer Plan visualization within Spotlight Enterprise.

Optimizer Plan visualization within Spotlight Enterprise

The Optimizer Plan Visualization control provides an interactive and intuitive way to view your plan and statement. It replaces the SQL Statement and Plan tabs for a selected session.

Sessions status visualization

The SQL Server | SQL Activity drilldown | Sessions grid has been enhanced. The grid is color coded by status to make it easier to scan sessions.

SQL Server availability report

A new report has been added to the default Spotlight Enterprise reports. The new report called the SQL Server Availability Report shows the availability / uptime of monitored instances.

Performance metrics trends charts

The SQL Server | Workload Analysis drilldown has been enhanced to drilldown on a trending chart for a particular transaction.

Spotlight Extensions
for SQL Server Management Studio

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You can now view query plan analysis and tune your SQL right within SQL Server Management Studio using Spotlight Extensions.


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Spotlight Enterprise delivers simplicity without compromise by providing unmatched monitoring, diagnostics and optimization of your SQL Server environments, ensuring peak performance around the clock.


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Anywhere , Anytime, from any device

Spotlight Enterprise users can now monitor remotely via mobile devices at no additional cost! Using your favorite mobile device, you can view a heatmap of your connections, see all of your alarms and snooze or acknowledge them.