Get Spotlight mobile on your favorite device

Available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone & Windows 8

You can now monitor all your SQL Server Connections on your mobile device!

Monitoring features include a Heatmap, an Alarms List, Alarm Details and the ability to Snooze, or Acknowledge alarms.

Spotlight for mobile devices is a feature available at no additional cost to users of Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise and Spotlight on Oracle. Try Spotlight now and start realtime monitoring on your mobile device.







SQL Server performance diagnostics are now available on iPhone and Android devices

For Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise users, performance diagnostics are provided for iPhone and Android devices that are modelled on the SQL Server Enterprise homepage.

Using this feature you can follow indicators relating to your system, performance health, sessions, processes, memory, background processes and disk storage to the problem source.

  • Understand your SQL Server infrastructure health at a glance with the new mobile application for Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise.
  • Tap on a metric to see any associated alarms and a chart displaying recent historical data.
  • Using historical playback, locate the root cause of an alarm by viewing performance diagnostics at the time it was raised.

Watch a video demonstration

This video looks at the monitoring and performance diagnostic capabilities included in Spotlight Mobile.

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Get started

To begin monitoring on your mobile device a simple setup procedure is required

Connect your mobile device to your own set up of Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise in five simple steps

1.Sign up and register with Spotlight Essentials.

2. If you haven't got Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise Get it now

3.If you have Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise Version 11 or later, complete this step otherwise go to Step 4.

  • Launch Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise.
  • In the ribbon click configuration and then the Spotlight Essentials icon.
  • Enable the upload of monitoring data by checking the “Upload data to Spotlight Cloud” check box.
  • Sign in to the Spotlight Essentials website by entering your email and password.

4.If you have Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise Version 10.5 or earlier, complete this step.

Download and install Spotlight Web Publisher

Following installation data will be sent from your Diagnostic Server to the Spotlight website and mobile apps. View Release Notes

5.Using your favorite mobile device download the Spotlight Mobile mobile app and once installed hit Sign in, add a new account and enter your email and password, or user token if using a Windows Device. Then start browsing your own server status in realtime on your mobile!

You can download from the following:

Download iPhone and iPad App Download Windows Phone App Download Windows 8 App Download Android App

Spotlight Extensions

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You can now monitor your server connections for FREE within SQL Server Management Studio using Spotlight Extensions.

Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise

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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise delivers simplicity without compromise by providing unmatched monitoring, diagnosis and optimization of your SQL Server environments, ensuring peak performance around the clock.


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Anywhere , Anytime, from any device

Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise users can now monitor remotely via mobile devices at no additional cost! Using your favorite mobile device, you can view a heatmap of your connections, see all of your alarms and snooze or acknowledge them.